Grey Harbor

Grey Haven is the main port and best known city of the The Free Cities. Being a member of the Free Cities it operates as a city state, governing itself and small homesteads. It is a hard city, made up of all races, including members of more monstrous races that typically live outside of normal society. Most of the people that live in town are either craftsmen, sailors, or adventurers. Most people try to make a living off the land or the things that come from it.

The city hosts a number of adventuring groups, each of which tends to have a different specialty. Some focus on hunting the creatures that live in the tundra, while others search the many ruins and caves on the island. Others still operate as tour guides to travelers or foreign explorers, and some are on the permanent employ of corporations or outside groups.

The main exports are exotic meat and materials that are harvested from creatures on the islands, and some plants that farmers grow that are hard to grow on the main continent.

Grey haven has good or neutral relations with most other entities in Astrea. They are especially friendly with the city of Shimmerport in Astris. Shimmerport is their sister city, where most of their trade goods enter the continent.

Grey Harbor

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