Astris is the largest and most dominant country in Astrea. The major race in the country is humans, though representatives of all races can be seen, especially in the major cities. The capital of Astris is Ironbluff, located on a river in the north of the country. The city houses the leader of Astris, Emperor Markud Valtort. While the emperor is the ruler of Astris, everyone knows that the real power is in the Council of Crowns, a senate that is made up of representatives from the major houses and organizations (guilds etc.) The Emperor presides over the council, but they are the ones that actually write the laws, and he fixes his name to them. Most major religions are represented in Astris, even the ones worshiping the evil gods still have small followings scattered about the country, worshiping in secret.

Astris has a large range of cultures in the different regions. To the Northwest is a large farming region that provides much of the food for the country. The majority of the farms are family or community owned, though large organizations are starting to make corporate fields. The riverlands in the south are home to many traders because of the central location and easy transportation. The swamps to the southwest have a much higher population of elves than the rest of the country. They migrated from their ancestral homeland in Volera ages ago, becoming a separate culture. The Elves and humans live in harmony, subsisting mainly off of fishing and seafaring.

Politics in Astris

Politics in Astris is a deadly thing, however never in the public eye. Subterfuge is highly respected. Assassination attempts and blackmail are expected, even applauded, if they are done secretly. If something can be traced back to a politician they will be ridiculed and treated as criminals. If something can’t be proven the politician will gain respect, and possibly more power.


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