The Second Session

or: Hordes of creatures

Fern, Adrie, and Akta all decide to go to the Chapel of Many Faces to pray to their gods. Akta, not really knowing who to pray to, decided to pray to the Kelmvor, God of Death and Fern prayed to Milil to ask for a sign that he cares for bards, and that he should worship him. Adrie decided to talk to one of the local chaplins about a mysterious blue light that she saw as a child, and he said that he would look into it for her. Fern felt the presence of Milil in song, while Akta continued to feel vague presences while praying to the gods.

While hanging out at the headquarters afterwards Fern, Adrie, and Akta were approached by a merchant with the story of how he was attacked on his way into town. He described “hordes” of attackers that made him flee his cart. Merith Briarwood asked the group to go take a look at it, so she could assure the merchants that are traveling into town for the Festival. Fern and Adrie decided to go and see what they could do. Akta didn’t want to go, but decided to follow along in a stealthy manner. They got to the clearing and found clear signs of attack, including footprints that they were able to identify to go up the hill next to the road. Fern and Adrie were about to investigate, when Akta made noise in from the bushes that she was hiding in. After being found she joined the other two and they climbed up the hill.

At the top of the hill was an upturned trade wagon that had been turned into a fortress of sorts. Akta snuck up on the fort and set the backside on fire. A goblin ran out to put out the fort and consequently saw the party. This lead to an uphill assault on the fortress, where the party was being pelted by arrows, stabbed with javelins, and at one point splashed with hot oil. The battle was brought to an end by a thunder wave from Fern, which destroyed the back of the damaged wagon. The party walked in, saw the corpses of three goblins and a hole leading to presumably more goblins, and decided to take a nap.

Waking from their nap feeling refreshed at the brink of dusk, they invaded the fortress, finding just a sleeping goblin and sleeping pet giant rat, which they put down quietly. Then they moved on to the throne room, where they fought the leader of the fortress, Dib Halfling-chewer. On his “throne” they discovered a rough sketch of his “fortress”. In the prize room they found most of the loot that had been taken from merchants. Most notable from this were a healing potion and a small harp, which Fern took to be a sign from Milil.



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