The First Session

Or: Caleb can't do a old man's voice

In the first session(s) Fern, Quadra, Bernard, and Adrie arrived in the town of Nightvale, and set up shop in their new headquarters. They met Merith Briarwood, the mayor of Nightvale, who welcomed them to town and asked for their help in making sure the town stays safe for the upcoming Festival of Rain. She specifically asks for them to help control the goblin population, telling them she will give them 3 silver for every pair of goblin ears they bring her.

While they wait for work to come in, some members of the party decided to explore town. Bernard decided to go a visit the local blacksmith, Geralt, to inquire about the quality of work that can be completed. The blacksmith told him that he would be able to make any weapons that Bernard might need. Bernard, having blacksmithing experience himself, challenged Geralt to a duel. The master smith laughed, and told Bernard that perhaps they could have a friendly competition during the festival.

Meanwhile, Fern made a beeline for the nearest tavern, the The Diamond Flask. Thinking that he could hold his alcohol, he ordered the strongest drink. Fern proceeded to drink a shot of Dragon’s Stupor, believing it to be a weak drink, and got drunk.

Back at headquarters Bernard had come back just in time to meet the first person that has come to them in need. An old farmer, Abernathe (who sounds like a british fop), asks them to find and kill the giant rats that have been eating all of the grain. The group collects Fern, and then rides out to the farm. They explore the farm and the barn, discovering a hole in the floor of the barn that leads to a network of caves that were occupied by a bunch of giant rats. After fighting to through the caves they came upon a cave that contained goblins as well as rats. After the hard fight the group decided to take a short rest, and move Fern back to the barn so he can rest more.

After stowing Fern back in the barn with the horses, the rest of the group goes back through the cave system. They come upon a room where the wall partly collapsed, which allowed access to the caves. The room appeared to be a library, though most of the books were rotting or broken. In the room were some goblins, who were in the process of burning the books. Also in the room there was another walled off room containing just abed and shackles. This roomed opened into an entrance hall, which lead out to a forest clearing near the farm, and to the final room of the dungeon. This room contained a an altar with a stone skull on it, a large embossed symbol of a skull topped mace, and a number of goblins. After the goblins had been killed the room was examined, but all of the goblins were resurrected. After they were killed for a second time, Quadra smashed the skull and the group went back to Abernathe, who took them back to town. He gave them a small amount of money, and promised them some more food and such at his stall during the festival.



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