Theodmon Tinleaf

The owner of the Jaded Pony


Theodmon (Theod to his regulars) is the successful owner of The Jaded Pony, the largest tavern and inn in Nightvale. Being an elf, he has owned and operated the tavern for longer than most of the humans in town can remember, for almost 100 years. He is one of the most respected businessmen in town, and his opinions hold a lot of weight in governmental discussions (Some would say too much weight). He is also one of the biggest sponsors of the Festival of Rains, providing the town food and drink at a discount.

He has a longstanding rivalry with Otik Pewtershard, the owner of The Diamond Flask, a rival tavern. Though this rivalry looks to be open disgust to many newcomers, the two are actually friends, having helped each other out on multiple occasions when one has a crisis.


Theodmon Tinleaf

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